18 Jan 2021 - Sustainability

Press release : ITinSell for greener e-commerce: EVECIA launch

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New York, NRF2021 Release, January 18, 2021

ITinSell, a scale-up specializing in parcel tracking and customer experience, aims to reduce the amount of packaging waste in the e-commerce sector through a new AI based solution called Evecia.

The goal: A minimum of 20% reduction in e-commerce packaging raw materials and CO2 emissions by 2023.

ITinSell is developing a new SaaS solution to intelligently optimize the packaging of products from online sales. A leader in parcel tracking and customer experience for more than 12 years, ITinSell aims to use its skills and database for the benefit of logistics and e-commerce companies that are consciously respectful of consumers and the environment.

Have you ever been outraged to receive an oversized package filled with paper, polystyrene or bubble wrap?

E-commerce represents 122M tons of carbon emissions per year in the United States alone (Forbes).
In recent years, e-commerce has changed our consumption habits. All products are accessible with a single click. The e-commerce market has grown exponentially resulting in the generation of a colossal amount of waste. From manufacture to final delivery, products ordered online are packaged and unpacked on average twice, in standard oversized containers filled with superfluous space and discarded after a single use. This poor optimization of packaging has major repercussions at the economic, societal and above all environmental level.

Benefits for all!
ITinSell’s objective is to reduce parcel void space so as to simultaneously respond to environmental issues and the needs of customers and Retailers with:
• Significant reduction in waste
• Lower carbon footprint
• Decreased cost of transportation & raw materials
• Optimized storage space at all levels: warehousing, transport, collection points, letterboxes
• Improved brand perception and customer satisfaction
• Contribution to future regulatory compliance

About ITinSell
ITinSell publishes cutting-edge solutions for E-logistics, offering a new delivery experience centered on the consumer, while simplifying the management of shipments for Retailers.

Our philosophy: to bring operational excellence to Retailers and 3PLs in order to transform delivery into a tangible tool for acquisition, retention and even re-engagement for customers. Our solutions include multi-carrier labels, editing from a single station, monitoring of shipments and tools for handling delivery issues, communication on delivery (client notifications, monitoring, evaluations) and BI on the flow of shipments. https://www.itinsell.cloud/en/

Dorota Smaggia, CRO, dorota.smaggia@www.itinsell.cloud +33 662 88 50 50

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