21 Jan 2022 - Sustainability

ITinSell wins Ekopo Gold Award in the “Zero Carbon” category

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ITinSell wins the Gold award in the “Zero Carbon” category at the EKOPO AWARDS

A great recognition of our EVECIA project aiming at reducing the void rate in the E-commerce sector thanks to a new solution based on AI.

The EVECIA project relies on algorithmic approach and different AI to offer the best container-content adaptation, while maximizing the reuse possibilities of recycled packaging. The current issues raised by the software approach concern firstly the optimal management of packaging throughout the supply chain. Secondly, this approach requires the implementation of a complete packaging recycling circuit.

Studies in recent years have shown the following figures:

  • 25% average emptiness in containers1
  • 45% average void in e-commerce packaging2
  • 50% average fill rate in trucks3.

ITinSell is committed to an eco-responsible transformation of logistics, in particular to reducing the carbon footprint and saving materials by reducing the void rate in parcels and throughout their routing.

Our goal: A 50% reduction of the “void” contained in parcels, resulting in a reduction of packaging materials and CO2 emissions from e-commerce by 2023.

The EVECIA project is supported by ADEME.

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